The new "1+1 model outer padded cycling pants" may provide new ideas of the development of the women's cycling industry

WILMINGTON, Del., May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- American avant-garde cycling brand Jelenew has launched a new "1+1 model outer padded cycling pants" structure. Outer padded cycling pants are developed and designed based on women's differentiated embedded, open physiological structure and the disassembly of muscle force data during women's cycling. A 19-year study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that more than 58% of female cyclists who participated in the survey experienced genital numbness and hip pain while riding due to unreasonable cycling pad structure, groin pain, genital itching, and other physical discomforts. This result shows that the typical built-in pad cycling pants structure in the women's cycling pants industry is far from meeting the physiological needs of women's cycling. The pad structure of women's professional cycling pants needs to be transformed and innovated. 

The structure of 1+1 mode outer padded cycling pants includes one pair of tight-fitting leggings and one pair of detachable cycling shorts with a pad. They are different from traditional cycling pants with built-in pads. Its launch just happened to fill the women's cycling industry gap. It could reduce or eliminate the physical discomfort of women's cycling, providing new ideas for developing the women's cycling apparel industry.

The cycling simulation pressure test conducted by Jelenew's technicians with an outer cycling pad shows that the pressure test results match the cycling force distribution map 100%. As women's intimate areas have high demands on hygiene, quality, and safety, Jelenew's detachable outer padded cycling pants physically isolate the intimate areas prone to bacterial infection. Professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts who have experienced the Jelenew outer padded cycling pants have said that under the riding intensity of 3 hours of riding, the Jelenew outer pad cycling pants are comfortable after comparing many similar products. Up to 95%, much higher than other similar products. Moreover, the Jelenew outer padded cycling pants can be freely detached according to the riding time, which solves the scene limitation problem of different brands of "pads and pants integrated riding pants." Riders can detach the cycling pad during the cycling break to help with physical ventilation and quick-drying. At the same time, it is also convenient for the rider to enter other leisure scenes to rest on the way, which solves the problem of "embarrassing bulges" in traditional cycling pants.

Thanks to Jelenew for its innovative inventions, and we look forward to seeing more innovations from it. The cycling apparel industry needs more innovative R&D teams like Jelenew so that the entire industry will have fresh vitality and creativity.



Jelenew is an American avant-garde cycling brand born for women.It creates the first cycling pants that are truly made for women in the world. It brings the groundbreaking combination of "Haute Couture and Sportswear",and carefully designs each product with "luxury moulage technique" to provide a more refined sports experience and promote a healthy lifestyle for cyclists to enjoy elegant and stylish suburban cycling.

Jelenew creates the first cycling pants that are truly made for women in the world (